IOT (Internet of Things)

Adopting IoT can have a significant influence on your company’s architecture, standards, security, and business models. To be successful, most businesses require the assistance of an industry specialist.

Xi-Tech BD assists businesses in implementing IoT strategy and technology, and we are also involved in groups that help develop growing worldwide IoT standards.
Our advice services ensure that businesses have access to the most up-to-date IoT information and educational materials in order to capitalize on the burgeoning IoT market. Xi-Tech BD can assist you with vetting, understanding, and communicating how IoT can enhance the bottom line by providing:

Workshops on proof of value: We’ll go beyond IoT theory and focus on use case definition, opportunity evaluation, and an IoT roadmap, including how to create and implement a pilot project and realize value.

Audit and readiness assessment: We’ll map out digital capabilities, look at how IoT may allow outcome-driven business models, look at specific scenarios over how IoT might improve a business, and evaluate a company’s preparedness for IoT implementation.
Transformation roadmap strategy: We help our customers achieve their business objectives by providing services that help them build a complete grasp of the nature and effect of revolutionary technology.

Our design capabilities help accelerate time to revenue.
• Product development
• Technology and component selection
• Integration
• Device management

Our software and hardware specialists can help you put your design in motion and be ready for large-scale manufacturing.
• Manufacturing
• Inventory management
• Connectivity
• Security